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The Best Chocolate Liqueur. 1. Tempus Fugit Creme de Cacao. Tempus Fugit Creme de Cacao is derived from an original 19th-century recipe that was studied in English and French to ensure authenticity and accuracy. Great attention has been paid to the proper sourcing of the ingredients to ensure top-quality.

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13. Bourbon Ball. You'll appreciate this creamy drink if you like Nutella or Ferrero Rocher. It features the warm flavors of chocolate and hazelnut with an oaky bourbon base. Unlike most bourbon cocktails, the Bourbon Ball is exceptionally sweet. You'll barely taste the alcohol at all. 14. The Amaretto Sour.

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Find chocolates filled with alcohol from all over the world at World Wide Chocolate! Choose hints of delicious Island-style infusions with Agapey Chocolate from Barbados. This brand features Caribbean-style liquor flavors like mango vodka, vodka ginger, rum caramel or coconut rum. Perhaps you prefer your liquor center to contain premium German.

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2. Pair them with coffee: For a sweet treat, try pairing liquor chocolates with a cup of coffee. The bitterness of the coffee will balance out the sweetness of the chocolate, creating a delicious flavor combination. 3. Serve them as dessert: Liquor chocolates are also a great addition to any dessert menu.

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Bird Dog Chocolate Flavored Whiskey, $18 for 750mL. Featuring a base of Kentucky bourbon—made from corn, malted barley and rye—this whiskey is aged in charred American oak barrels and infused.

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At 40% ABV and with a lighter profile, you can match white, milk, or dark chocolate with Glenlivet 12 Year Old easily, as you don't have to worry about tempering alcohol or pronounced flavors.

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11. Baileys chocolat luxe. Already a festive stalwart thanks to its famous range of Irish cream liqueurs, Baileys has branched into the realm of chocolate-flavored varieties with its chocolat luxe. This liqueur did not come easy; FoodBev Media reports that it took over 800 attempts to get the recipe just right.

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Patrón XO Cafe Dark Cocoa. Shop at Drizly. Credit: Courtesy. The combination of coffee, cacao, and tequila in Patrón's liqueur delivers more than just sweetness. The dry, low-proof coffee and.

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1. Mozart Chocolate Cream Liqueur. A handcrafted chocolate liqueur made in Austria with the finest ingredients of West African cocoa, bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, and decadent Belgian chocolate. These delicious ingredients are mixed with sugar beet spirit, making this liqueur a composition of complementary notes.

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Average Price: Roughly $23.99 (ABC Fine Wine & Spirits) Alcohol Content: 15% ABV Nose: Creamy, subtle alcohol, cream Palate: Hints of spice dark chocolate, delicate and soft white chocolate, and luscious milk chocolate Star Rating: ★★★★★ Why We Like It: We first tried Godiva chocolate liqueur neat, and the first thing that captured our senses was the aroma of hot chocolate combined.

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Godiva has recently trimmed its once expansive liqueur lineup down to just three expressions (the white chocolate liqueur is not reviewed here), but it remains a case of a middling product in a really pretty bottle. 30 proof. B / $29. Dorda Double Chocolate Liqueur - Made in Poland by (and with) Chopin Vodka.

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MarieBelle x Del Maguey Vida Puebla Mezcal Chocolate Cocktail Box. Mezcal and chocolate may not seem like a likely pairing, but Del Maguey's latest mezcal expression, Vida Puebla, has a unique minerality combined with a citrus peel on the nose that pairs perfectly with the bright, fruity notes in cocoa.

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Cocoa À Trois. Tim Turner Studios / Vodka Distilled. A riff on the Chocolate Martini, this velvety cocktail from Las Vegas bartender Tony Abou-Ganim also includes vodka and chocolate liqueur, but is further sweetened with simple syrup instead of creme de cacao, and includes cocoa powder in the shaker.

Liquor Filled Chocolates Chocolate liqueur, Chocolate liquor, Premium

Cost. The price has gone up quite a bit. In 2021 I paid $22.99 Canadian for the box of 64 liquor-filled chocolates. In 2023 I paid $26.99 Canadian. The box comes with eight of each of the eight flavors of chocolates. The back of the package says the assortment may vary, but this seems hard to believe given how nicely packaged they are.

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Photo Credit: Belgium makes some of the world's best chocolate. Mozart chocolate cream liqueur mixes cream and Belgian milk chocolate into a decadent spirit. Mozart uses all-natural ingredients to hand-craft its chocolate liqueur. Subtle hints of vanilla complement the cocoa flavors.

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6. Marie Brizard Crème de Cacao - Best Crème de Cacao. Marie Brizard crème de cacao comes in both white and brown to enable all of your cocktail dreams, and it's a sweet, flavorful, and aromatic chocolate liqueur. Reviewers on Spirits Review rated it 9 out of 10, and it'll only cost about $20 for a bottle.