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The protein content in Cana de Cabra Cheese provides essential amino acids necessary for maintaining and repairing body tissues.Calcium contributes to bone health and helps in the proper functioning of muscles and nerves.Vitamin A supports immune function and healthy vision, while vitamin K plays a role in blood clotting and bone health.. Indulge in the creamy and tangy Cana de Cabra Cheese.

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The Cana de Cabra cheese is a soft goat cheese that is made using the molded rind method. It was introduced in Spain by Lorenzo Abelán, who learned the technique in France and began producing Bucheron cheese in his company, Montetesinos, located in Jumilla, Murcia.

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Slice cheese and place inside bread.Coat lightly in olive oil. Season with salt and pepper and bake for about 5-6min or until cheese rind gets a little browned and melty. Remove and drizzle balsamic glaze. Serve over abed of arugula and add whatever salad add you would like.

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The Spanish goat cheese is made from the rich milk of Murcia goats that graze on the lush pastures, infusing the milk with the aroma and flavor of the terroir. Creamy and dense, with a velvety pate, Caña de Cabra cheese has a great mellow flavor that's savory, salty and with a citrusy, lemon tang finish. The thick, broad log has a dry bloomy.

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Resembling a French Bucheron, this soft-ripened goat milk cheese log hails from Murcia, an orchard-thick mountainous region of southeastern Spain. Cana de Cabra is creamy and mild but has a full and happily satisfying flavor. Tangy citrus notes balance the rich creaminess of the cheese and there's a fleeting hint of deep woods' mushrooms that […]

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Combine almonds, parsley leaves, smoked paprika, sea salt, black pepper and olive oil in the bowl of a food processor. Pulse until coarsely but evenly chopped. Transfer mixture to a flat plate. Grab goat cheese medallion and gently pat some of the almond mixture onto the top and bottom of the cheese.

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Place your Cana de Cabra cheese (or goat cheese) — cut in two pieces — down into the pan. Let sit until caramelized and flip to do the same to the other side. Once both sides have reached the desired level of caramelization, remove from pan and place on top of your salad. Add your chopped Marcona almonds around the salad before enjoying!

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Young caña is mild and creamy with refreshing lemony notes. As it ages, the cheese gets a sharp and intense flavor with a note of earthiness. Caña de Cabra is typically enjoyed with local honey, figs, and almonds or pine nuts. It is recommended to pair it with crisp white wines. Region of Murcia, Spain. 4.2.

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Log-shaped Caña de Cabra, which means "cane of goat," is aged for three weeks. During this time it develops a rind of edible white mold which softens the cheese from the outside in. Tasting Notes. Creamy and mild Caña de Cabra has a lemony tang and grassy aromas. Pairings. Pair it with a crisp Albariño and serve alongside almonds and fig jam.

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CANA DE CABRA (Ka-neh de KAH-brah) Description: MURCIA - Creamy and mild, with tangy citrus notes, this soft-ripened goat cheese log is much like the French Boucheron. Murcia is famous for its rich quality goat's milk. It's aged 21 days and is creamy, mild and intensifies as it ages. Pair with a crisp white wine, Marcona almonds and a spoonful.

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5. Slice caña de cabra log into rounds, about ¼ inch thick. 6. Heat a non-stick pan and sear cheese until it starts to caramelize and melt. 7. Remove cheese from the pan and flip over to cool so the caramelized side is facing up. 8. Cut each round in half and place one-half round on each crostini. 9. Drizzle with membrillo honey and serve.

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Cana de Cabra (MitiCana® de Cabra) is a soft-ripened cheese made from pasteurized goat's milk in Murcia, Spain. This cheese is similar to the French Bucheron. This creamy, buttery, mild and delicious cheese has a bloomy rind with semi-soft texture. Cana de Cabra is aged for 21 days, as it ages, the flavour intensifies.

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Murcia is a mountainous region known for high-quality goat milk products such as this soft-ripened goat milk cheese log. Young caña is mild and creamy with refreshing lemony notes. As it ages, the cheese gets a sharp and intense flavor with a note of earthiness. Caña de Cabra is typically enjoyed with local honey, figs, and almonds or pine nuts.

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Discover Cana de Cabra, a Spanish goat's milk cheese with a creamy texture and tangy flavor on WhatCheese. Explore its unique character and culinary uses. Cheese 101

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Caña de Cabra is a gourmet delight that hails from the picturesque region of Murcia, Spain. This exquisite cheese is a testament to Spain's rich culinary heritage, offering a creamy and tangy taste that captivates cheese lovers worldwide. The name 'Caña de Cabra' translates to 'goat's cane,' referencing its cylindrical shape.

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Preheat oven to 400. Using a shot glass or back of a spoon, push bread down to make a little hole for your cheese. Slice cheese in half and put a slice in both slices of ciabatta.