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How to dehydrate apples sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. They're the

Instructions. Wash and dry 2-3 fresh apples. Using a mandolin or a sharp knife, cut them into very thin slices (approximately 1/8 of an inch). Mix together the water and lemon juice. Place the apple slices into the mixture to prevent browning. In a separate bowl, stir the syrup and cinnamon together.

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One of my favorite fruits to dehydrate is apples -- and this easy recipe is my favorite way to prepare dehydrated apple slices. Not only does it taste great but it's easy, no-mess, and it makes your house smell like fall. Dehydrated Cinnamon Sugar Apple Slices Helpful tools: Spiralizer attachment for Kitchen Aid mixer, or a countertop apple.

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These easy dehydrated apples with cinnamon and sugar are sweet and delicious - a great healthy snack for when you are on the go or just relaxing at home. Ch.

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Place the baking tray with the apples on a rack in the lowest possible position in the preheated oven. It will take a total of 6-7 hours to get your dehydrated apple chips crispy in the oven. Be sure to flip them over and check on them every 1½-2 hours or so. Your apples are done when they are completely dry and crisp.

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Dehydrate the Apples at 125 Degrees Fahrenheit. Dehydrate the sliced apples at 125 degrees Fahrenheit. As a general guide, it takes 10-12 hours to dehydrate apple slices, but there are a lot of variables that impact how long the dehydrating process takes. For instance, some apples may have more moisture than others.

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At the same time, preheat your air fryer to 375F/190C. Then, place the apple slices in a single layer in your air fryer basket, ensuring the pieces aren't touching. Air fry the apples for 10-12 minutes (flipping them over every 3-4 minutes). Then transfer them to a wire cooling rack until completely cooled—enjoy!

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Place dehydrated apple pieces into your favorite blender. Pulse until a powder is formed. Condition the powder by placing it in a low-temperature, warmed (but turned off) oven for 15 minutes. Store in an airtight container with a desiccant pack. NOTE: because of the sugar content, apple powder may clump.

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Drying The Sweetened Apple Slices. Once my apple slices were sprinkled with the cinnamon sugar mixture I placed the dehydrator on a small table on our back porch and loaded the trays into it. The temperature dial was set to the highest setting available - 155 degrees. I rotated the trays after a couple of hours to help the apple slices to dry.

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Add the sugar and cinnamon to a plastic bag, then add the apple slices and shake them up. Lay the apples on your dehydrator tray. Dry for 8 hours at 105 degrees. The apples should not be wet or soft, if they are let them dry longer. Store apples in mason jars. Great, quick snacks, and great for food storage, too. Enjoy!

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These last for many months (even years) when stored properly, and these apple snacks are so simple to make. This is one of the best healthy ways to preserve your apples. #preserve #dehydrate #apples #dehydrated #cinnamonapples #healthysnack #easy #delicioussnack #lunches #easyschoollunch #afterschoolsnack #snack #paleo #healthy

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Place them on the dehydrator trays. You should leave at least 1/4 inch space around the food pieces. Now when I sprinkle the cinnamon and sugar on, I stack the trays. That way any cinnamon and sugar that doesn't stick to the apples on the first tray falls down to the apples on the second trays, and so on. if you put some parchment paper under.

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Slice the apples into 1/8" rings or wedges using a mandoline or a paring knife. For a PL8 brand mandoline, this is setting #2. Arrange apples in a single layer on dehydrator trays. Sprinkle apples with cinnamon. Set dehydrator to 135º and timer for 8 hours. Test for desired dryness after 8 hours.

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Dehydrated plain apples are delicious, but if you really want to create a treat for your prepper pantry, try dehydrating cinnamon sugar apples! In this video.

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Fill a plastic bag with apples and add enough cinnamon to coat, about 2T. Shake the bag until all apples are well coated. Place the apples on dehydrator trays. I did not add any anti-oxidizer. Since the apples were already brown from the cinnamon I didn't see any reason to.

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preheat your oven to 200°F (93°C). wash and dry the apples, then thinly and evenly slice them between ⅛ inch and ¼ inch thick. place them in a single layer, on a parchment paper-lined baking tray and sprinkle some cinnamon evenly on top. bake them for 2 hours, making sure to turn each slice over, halfway through baking.

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Instructions: Wash apples. Make sure to peel and core your apples. Cut into slices. You can dip your apple slices in lemon water to prevent browning. Sprinkle cinnamon if desired. Arrange the sliced apples on your NESCO® Dehydrator trays. Set the temperature to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Dehydrate until crispy when cooled.