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Muddle 1 mint sprig and ginger in a shaker. Add bourbon, syrup, and lemon juice, and shake. Double strain over fresh ice in a pilsner glass. Top with beer and garnish with the remaining mint sprig. Bourbon Cocktails.

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To make alcohol-infused whipped cream, simply combine 1 cup of heavy cream, 4 tablespoons of powdered sugar, and 2 tablespoons of your favorite spirit in the bowl of your stand mixer. Using the.

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2. Blueberry Whiskey Spritzers. The Blueberry Whiskey Spritzer is a refreshing and easy-to-make cocktail bursting with summer flavors. It's made with fresh blueberries, lemon juice, and a splash of club soda or tonic water. The homemade blueberry simple syrup adds a sweet and colorful twist to the drink.

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Breakfast Old Fashioned. Like all Old Fashioneds, the Wakey Wakey Old Fashioned is fast and easy to put together. Add the bourbon, coffee syrup, coffee liqueur, maple syrup and orange bitters to a mixing glass. Fill the glass with ice and stir for 20-30 seconds, until well-chilled. Strain into a rocks glass filled with ice and garnish.

Free Images Suntory, whiskey, blanton, bourbon, distilled beverage

This shake-and-shoot Irish Breakfast Shot with Jameson could not be easier to make. Follow these simple steps and see the printable recipe card at the bottom of the page for ingredient measurements. Combine the Irish whiskey, butterscotch schnapps, and orange juice in a shaker. Shake well. Pour into a shot glass.

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The highball is a simple two-ingredient mixed drink and a tall, refreshing way to enjoy your favorite whiskey. Blended whiskeys, rye whiskey, and bourbons all go perfectly with the ginger ale, so it's hard to make a bad drink. You can lighten it up with club soda if you prefer, too. Continue to 9 of 20 below.

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Method: If using fresh mango, muddle in a shaker first, then add all other ingredients, minus the garnishes. If using mango puree, combine all ingredients, save for the garnishes, in a shaker with.

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I'll be in my pajamas all day today, shopping for Christmas and drinking this Whisky English Breakfast Latte. Whisky English Breakfast Latte Ingredients. You just need 4 simple ingredients to make hot tea latte recipe. All you need is: boiling filtered water; English breakfast tea bags; honey; whiskey; hot milk; That's it! Tips & Tricks.

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6 Whisky Cocktails That Are Perfect for Brunch. Bywater Spritz: Mellow and Spicy "Much like the city of New Orleans, whose Bywater District lends its name here, this Bywater Spritz is a collection of seemingly disparate ingredients which fit together in a mellow and surprising way," says Otsuji. "The scotch anchors the cocktail with pear.

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5) Screwdriver. If you're looking for a classic morning drink, then a Screwdriver might be the way to go. This drink is made with vodka and orange juice, and it's the perfect way to start your day off with a bang. Cocteles con Whiskey - Cocktail Wild Wild Breakfast. Watch on.

Classic Whiskey Highball Recipe

Sample from all the classic whiskey cocktails, and then see what modern bartenders are whipping up. The cocktail recipes in the list below include: Bourbon cocktails. Scotch whisky cocktails. Rye whiskey cocktails. Irish whiskey cocktails. There are summer whiskey drinks, and cocktails more suited for fall and winter.

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IRISH BREAKFAST SHOT 2 Parts Irish Whiskey 1 Part Butterscotch Schnapps Small Glass Orange Juice Garnish: Bacon PREPARATION 1. Fill a shot glass with irish whiskey and butterscotch schnapps. Set aside. 2. Fill a small glass with orange juice. 3. Take the shot, followed by the orange juice and a side of bacon. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

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To make Chilled Breakfast Tea: Add 3 breakfast tea bags to piping water and leave to steep for 30 minutes. Remove tea bags, bottle and refrigerate. To make Simple syrup: Dissolve equal parts granulated white sugar in water.

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1. Champagne Bourbon Cocktail. The Champagne Bourbon Cocktail is a perfect addition to any brunch menu. This cocktail is made with Coopers' Craft bourbon, which gives it a unique taste that isn't too overpowering. The cocktail is light, bubbly, and pairs well with food, making it a great alternative to a mimosa.

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The best brunch cocktails highlight your favorite flavors—we're partial to this mix of rye whiskey, Earl Grey tea, citrus, and warming spices. Check out our best brunch cocktail recipes, with.

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6. Maple-Bourbon Banana Pudding Cake: Like bananas foster, but with more bread, more pudding, more maple and more alcohol. You literally cannot go wrong. (via Food and Wine) 7. Whiskey Truffles: Whip up a batch of these super easy spiked truffles to serve as dessert for your next dinner party.